FAQs - Nilgai

Q: What are the season dates for Nilgai hunting?

A: Nilgai may be hunted year around. However, we normally hunt Nilgai from mid-October through the end of April.

Q: Do I hunt Nilgai from a blind?

A: This hunt is a safari-style hunt. You will shoot from the truck. If you have purchased a different package (I.e Buck Hunt), you may shoot a Nilgai from the blind for an additional charge.

Q: What is included in your nilgai package?

A: Our nilgai package is $3,200/man. The package is a two day hunt and is a two or three night stay, depending on your arrival. It includes lodging, meals, guides, drinks, and all amenities, including your first nilgai (bull or cow). Each additional bull is $800 and each additional cow is $500. There is no trophy fee. Most shots are from 75 to 150 yards. A hit is considered a kill and the guide has the final say on this. For additional information, please see our price list and general faq's.

Q: How are your nilgai hunts conducted?

A: You will be awaken at 6:00 and have breakfast at 6:30.  You will leave with your guide at daylight and return to the lodge around 11:45 for lunch.  You will depart again after lunch and hunt until dark.  Of course, this schedule can be adjusted to better suit you.

Q: Which rifle do you recommend?

A: We require that you bring a rifle that shoots at least a 180 grain bullet.

Q: Do they make good table fare?

A: Yes, excellent.